Canberra Computer Solutions
ABN 17 302 063 486        Solutions to your PC problems when and where you want them!


I am sorry that your computer or network has failed you in some way.   My name is Trevor Raddatz.  I have been fixing Microsoft Windows PCs in and around the ACT for nearly 15 years both in small business & in home environments.  I can almost certainly help you with the problem that brought you here.  The quickest way to find out is to phone me on 62924282. The number diverts to my mobile and I will answer.  Repairs are almost always conducted on site.

Many people contact me with PCs that have been infested with a virus or other form of malware. Others have had their PC slow to a crawl for no obvious reason.  Still others find their PC unable to start up.

I am also able to help set up INTERNET connections based on ADSL or Transact or NBN.

I can set up printers, scanners and NAS boxes. I can set up and protect both WIFI (did you know that the CSIRO invented WIFI?) and wired LANS so that their PCs, laptops TVs mobile phone and tablets can safely share their internet connection.

Usually I am able to recover at least some photos or documents and other data from failing hard drives.  I am able to supply & replace hard drives, SSDs, DVD drives, Blu Ray drives and memory modules for desktop and notebook pcs

I can help you with transferring the stuff on your existing PC to your shiny new one. I can even supply you with new MS Windows desktops or notebooks. (Currently Win 7 Pro is available)