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Software Your Small Business Should Never Do Without

Posted on Mar 26, 2015

Small and starting businesses, like your company, need all the help they can get to succeed. However, cost can be a problem at times. This is the very reason there are now productivity software that can help small businesses streamline their processes in as little cost as possible. Some of the most useful programs for start-ups include:


A lot of large-scale companies use VoIP because not only is it cost-effective, it’s also more useful than a landline service. It has long distance call options, call conferencing, offline messages and a host of other features that are relatively more affordable than a regular phone line. Plus, it gives your business a sense of professionalism. To get connected, you just need an internet provider at Spintel.


If you can’t afford a full-time accounting team yet, you can take advantage of finance software for the meantime. It has terrific features that allow you to manage your finances better without the added expense.


If you want to sell to more people at a fraction of the time and cost, you’ll need CRM software (โปรแกรม CRM from Signify Co., Ltd. It helps you monitor your company’s interactions with patrons and potential buyers. It also synchronises sales, technical support, marketing and customer service.


Having confidential and sensitive data in your computers requires top-of-the-line security software to ensure it is being kept safe. Mail Cleaner offers anti-spam as well as personal protection from viruses.

Task Scheduling/Assigning

If there is a lot of work needed to be done, it would be a waste of time to message your staff one by one to delegate different tasks. So, you need task scheduling or assigning software to help you streamline the entire process. Through this kind of program, you can also outline what each staff member needs to do to complete the assignments. Having orisoft time attendance software can effectively manage employees efficiency and productivity.

There are also business mobile apps that help employers monitor their companies even when they’re not in the office. An accounting software from Accountz could also help you keep track of your business' finances. For computer services, contact us right away!

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