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Healthy Habits You Should Adopt When Using Your Computer

Posted on Mar 06, 2015

Are you always in front of the computer monitor because it’s your day job? Well, as you try to be productive, it’ll be easy to forget about your health. Here are some tips, from proper positioning to using e cigs from Australia, to help reduce your risk of having body pains, muscuskeletal disorders (MSDs) and other conditions that might result from using the computer too long.

Proper Positioning

It’s important to avoid awkward postures and to position your body comfortably not only to improve productivity, but also to avoid MSDs. Aside from these, you can also change your posture from time to time to avoid discomfort and fatigue. To achieve proper positioning, arrange your equipment to promote a relaxed, comfortable posture and set up your workstation depending on your body size and work environment. For detailed information on this matter, check out this page.

Going Lightly

Remember that physical forces continue to interact with your body, even if you’re just using your computer. Low-impact forces you’ll experience include dynamic (force that you exert when you move, like clicking the mouse or pressing the keys), static (force that you maintain for a period of time, such as cradling your phone or holding your mouse) and contact (force that occurs when you rest on a hard surface or an edge, such as resting your wrists on your desk’s edge. To reduce the effects of these forces, you can do light-touch typing and clicking, hold your mouse with a relaxed hand, avoid resting your wrists or palm while typing and relax your hands when not in use.

Taking Breaks

This can help your body recover from your computing activities. Aside from the usual habits of taking a break, such as stopping what you’re doing and just relaxing, you can also change tasks, like taking a walk or stretching.

Choosing Healthier Options

Time spent at the computer is often accompanied by coffee and cigarettes. Well, according to many people, this can help them become more efficient and relax. While coffee is healthy for your body, consuming too much of it can also become detrimental to your health, so drink it in moderation. For the cigarette, you can choose a healthy alternative, such as those e cigs from Australia.

A healthy lifestyle can help your perform and enjoy your daily tasks, including the time spent at your computer. So, aside from the tips mentioned above, you should also eat a balanced diet, get enough sleep, exercise regularly, properly manage stress and see a physician if symptoms of computer-related illnesses persist.

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