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What Does It Take to Be an Efficient Designer Engineer?

Posted on Jan 16, 2015

Excellent problem-solving skills? Capable of using creative approaches when creating new ideas? High expertise on engineering and design principles?

In that case, become a contractor and specialise in design engineering. On your own or with a team, you’re going to research and come up with product ideas as well as the system used for manufacturing. You’re also tasked to enhance the efficiency of some products.

If you are planning to set as a design contractor on your own you'll most likely want to make certain that your're covered in the event of an emergency.  Income protection self employed allows a level of cover that will provide protection to any independent contractor providing stability for business.

Of course, these are just a few projects waiting for you. Whatever you want to focus on, here are some vital requirements to have a successful contracting business.


You have to build a relationship with various people - from other engineer designers to traders. They’ll provide you with advice, tips, services and products—depending on their offerings. They’ll you be more productive and efficient.

For example, a company that supplies machinery for sale in Australia gives you access to equipment and tools for accurate prototype production as well as functional demo control. They make sure you’re provided machines integrated with the latest technology.


A big chunk of your work hours will be spent developing designs on your sketchpad or computer. You’ll also be travelling to meet with clients and companies. Generally, you will have to work for 37-40 hours from Monday to Friday.

This schedule can be very taxing, especially if you put in extra work to finish an urgent project. You need dedication and passion to avoid stress and burnout. These characteristics may also encourage your clients to recommend you to their peers.


Even if you’re already earning and receiving lots of projects, this doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement. Considering the constant advancement of technology and the improvement of design standards, you still have plenty to learn.

So, grab opportunities like workshops and tradeshows. If there are training courses on the latest design techniques or technology, enrol in these even if you have to spend. Getting certification, honing skills set and broadening knowledge will boost your credibility to clients. If they see the extent of your training and expertise, they’ll have assurance that you can pull off a great job.

Equipment and tools

Above anything else, you must have sketchpads, pens and measuring tools. These are basic for engineering professionals. Or, you can use a high-end mobile device to draw and develop ideas. A lot of tech gadgets these days come with features that let you sketch designs using a high-end stylus pen.

Of course, you also need a desktop computer or laptop installed with the latest design software. It must also be protected to prevent virus infection, malware, hacks and other technical issues.

Now, just like finding machinery for sale in Australia to produce prototypes, you’ll need to obtain solutions to make your PC fully functional. And that’s something we provide. Here at Canberra Computer Solutions, we repair Windows installations and troubleshoot hardware problems. Other than these, we provide a range of services.

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